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Completeness Assessment of Genome/Transcriptome Sequences

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Release Notes

    2018-01-12 (ver. 1.1.0)
      Custom parameters are available for gene prediction in CEGMA ('Max intron length' and 'Gene flanks').
      See FAQ for the details.
    2017-07-12 (ver. 1.0.1)
      Protists ensembl dataset is added to BUSCO v2/v3 analysis.
      Bug fixes.
      gVolante paper is published in Bioinformatics.
    2017-04-14 (ver. 1.0.0)
      This release adds BUSCO v2 to an analysis engine for completeness assessment.

      Resource and software:
        CVG ver.10042017, CEGMA ver.2.5, BUSCO ver.1.22, BUSCO ver.2.0.1 *, GeneWise ver.2.2.3-rc7,
        Augustus ver.3.2.2, HMMER ver.3.1b2, and NCBI BLAST ver.2.2.31.
        * We have confirmed that the latest version, ‘ver.3.0.1’ yields identical results to ver.2.0.1.
    2017-03-06 (ver. 0.7.2)
      Bug fixes.
    2016-11-28 (ver. 0.7.1)
      This is the first public version of gVolante that contains the following resource and software:
        CVG ver.20062015, CEGMA ver.2.5, BUSCO ver.1.22, GeneWise ver.2.2.3-rc7, Augustus ver.3.2.2,
        HMMER ver.3.1b2, and NCBI BLAST ver.2.2.31.