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Completeness Assessment of Genome/Transcriptome Sequences

Original Resources

Our Lab Page Laboratory for Phyloinformatics, RIKEN BDR
aLeaves Gateway for building zoologically informative phylogenetic trees
Squalomix Elasmobranch sequence archive
Reptiliomix Sequence resources of reptiles
vtCap Sequence resources of Polypterus, Hagfish and Cloudy catshark
gVolante Completeness assessment of genome/transcriptome sequences

Useful tools

CEGMA Core Eukaryotic Genes Mapping Approach
BUSCO Assessing genome assembly and annotation completeness
Augustus Gene prediction program for eukaryotes
GeneWise Compares a protein sequence to a genomic DNA sequence
HMMER Identify homologous sequences using profile of hidden Markov Models
NCBI CDD Protein annotation resource that consists of multiple sequence alignments

Ortholog Database

CVG Dataset of one-to-one vertebrate core ortholog groups
OrthoDB Database of orthologous genes from eukaryotic species
EggNOG A hierarchical orthology framework with improved functional annotations
NCBI KOG Clusters of orthologous groups from 7 eukaryotic complete genomes