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Completeness Assessment of Genome/Transcriptome Sequences

Assess your sequences

1. Upload your file

    See Tutorial for use of the test sequence file.
    Choose a multi-fasta file

    * Compressed (.gz, .tgz, .bz2, .tbz, .tar and .zip) or uncompressed
    * Maximum file size is 10GB
    * Use only the letters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - and '.' for a file name


    The submitted file and the information you entered will be erased from the server immediately
    after the analysis is finished or failed upon any problem, and thus will not be used for any
    other purpose than the completeness assessment requested.

2. Input project information

    Project name

    E-mail address (recommendation)

    Cut-off length for sequence statistics and base composition

    * If you want to analyze all the sequences in the file, enter '1'

    Sequence type
    Genome (nucleotide) Coding/transcribed (nucleotide) Peptide (amino acid)

    Choose an ortholog search pipeline
    CEGMA BUSCO v2/v3 BUSCO v1
    * BUSCO is the only choice for peptides/coding sequences

    Ortholog set for CEGMA
    CVG (for vertebrates) CEG (for eukaryotes)

    Gene prediction parameters for CEGMA
    Mammal Elasmo Vertebrate Non-vertebrate Custom
    Max intron length nt, Gene flanks nt Tips for setting these parameters

    Ortholog set for BUSCO v2/v3
    CVG (Core Vertebrate Genes)
    Mammalia Tetrapoda Aves Actinopterygii Vertebrata
    Arthropoda Nematoda Metazoa Fungi Plants Protists Eukaryota

    Ortholog set for BUSCO v1
    CVG (Core Vertebrate Genes) Vertebrata Arthropoda Metazoa Fungi
    Eukaryota Bacteria