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Completeness Assessment of Genome/Transcriptome Sequences
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Completeness Assessment Results:

Total number of core genes queried233
Number of core genes detected
  Complete203 (87.12%)
  Complete + Partial224 (96.14%)
Number of missing core genes9 (3.86%)
Average number of orthologs per core genes1.09
% of detected core genes that have more than 1 ortholog9.36
Scores in BUSCO formatC:87.2%[S:79.0%,D:8.2%],F:9.0%,M:3.8%

Length Statistics and Composition:

Number of sequences285
Total length (aa)181523
Longest sequence (aa)2537
Shortest sequence (aa)95
Mean sequence length (aa)637
Median sequence length (aa)516

Summary of the submitted job:

Job ID202401301245-J1U4APVRHXS3F326
Project nametest_file
Completeness Assessment Server version2.0.0
Fasta filetest_file.zip
Cut-off length for sequence statistics and composition*1
Sequence typepeptide
Selected programBUSCO_v5
Selected ortholog setCVG
*This is just a cutoff value set at computation. The minimum length in the input sequence file may be larger than this.

Dowload Result Files:

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